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As entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency & blockchain industry, we understand the skills required to bridge the gap between an idea and a successful business. That is why we created BlockStarters, South Africa's first incubator focusing on cryptocurrency & blockchain startups from around the world.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we bring entrepreneurs together to create a hub of innovation and resource sharing, and through our extensive network of investors, we take startups to market. Our network reach extends as far as Silicon Valley and Shanghai.

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Golix, Zimbabwe's first crypto exchange, joins Blockstarters

Posted: The Blockstarters team / Date: 17 April 2018 / Category: Fintech

Zimpeto signs on Blockchain Academy as a customer

Posted: The Zimpeto Team / Date: 19 October 2017 / Category: Education

Our founders are invited to COP23 in Bonn, Germany

Posted: Tim / Date: 18 October 2017 / Category: Environmental

Zimpeto signs on the Blockchain Academy of South Africa as a customer.

What a journey it has been for us. Over the past few months, we have worked tirelessly to bring Smart Certificates and Blockchain technology together.

Our product is finally here! Could we have asked for a better way to launch than having the Blockchain Academy of South Africa sign up as our first customer? The Blockchain Academy is the leading training institution on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, in Africa. They have chosen Zimpeto.com as their partner to issue Smart Certificates to their course attendees. Doesn't that speak wonders about our product?

Smart certificates are digital certificates, transcripts or reports that can be instantly shared and verified - and using blockchain technology, authenticity is unquestionable, forever. We have been engaging with a number of educational institutions across South Africa about introducing Smart Certificates for their scholars, students and graduates. These include schools, colleges, universities, corporates & SETA's, to name a few.

If you would like to know more about our service, please visit www.zimpeto.com.

Warren & Kreaan are only 2 of 100 blockchain experts from around the world invited to #Hack4Climate in collaboration with the UN COP23 summmit.

Between 12-17 November, two of our founders, Warren & Kreaan, will be attending the Hack4Climate innitiative in Bonn, Germany, that will happen in conjunction with the UN COP23 conference on climate change.

Only 100 people from around the world have been invited to this event that is sponsored by various stakeholders in the climate change, including the UN. We are hoping to showcase various innitiatives that we have been working on, such as Carbon Free Coin, a blockchain based token that is rewarded to green energy projects for creating a carbon emmissions offset. These tokens can be sold to, for example, companies that operate in economies subject to carbon taxation.

The format of the event will contain talks by industry experts, as well as a 24 hour hackathon to address various issues related to climate change, such as carbon emmissions offsets, emmissions tracking, sustainable food production, deforestation, and efficient transportation, to name a few.

Congratulations to Warren & Kreaan as representatives from BlockStarters and South Africa!

Golix, Zimbabwe's first cryptocurrency exchange, joins Blockstarters

Zimbabwe’s leading cryptocurrencies exchange, Golix, has coordinated a partnership withBlockstarters, South Africa’s crypto/blockchain hub and incubator, in a move that will see the exchange tapping into a new highly economic active market.

The strategic move, is part of Golix’s initiatives to expand its services to the rest of the continent.

The crypto/blockchain hub and incubator cushions startup firms, against challenges that may stifle them to realise their full potential by providing a conducive environment which comprises of relevant blockchain fields and potential capital ventures.

Entering a new market can be a challenge, hence the incubator hub will offer Golix a chance to smoothly integrate into the South African cryptocurrencies space and meet with like minded startups.

Golix previously had only two offices in Zimbabwe’s capital, which so far house 22 staff members as the exchange continues to grows.

Golix’s Product Manager, Yeukai Kusangaya, said this was a welcome development.

“This is a positive and a promising move. The crypto/blockchain hub and incubator is set to be a huge learning platform for Golix in an all new different environment. During this period the hub will be more of a compass to us as navigate into a new market factoring in the cost of exploring new depths like this. Also believe that South Africa is the best place because of its vibrant economy which, like Zimbabwe, has also interest in cryptocurrencies,” she said.

Blockstarters co-founder Kreaan Singh said “As entrepreneurs ourselves, we created Blockstarters to bring together the very best in the crypto & blockchain industry. We want startups to grow together, and to inspire one another to create innovative solutions for Africa. How better to do this than to bring everyone under one roof? We the Blockstarters founders have been involved in the industry since 2013, and now live much of our lifestyles off cryptocurrencies. Companies like Golix will one day help millions of other people to do the same.”

Currently they are more than 3 million Zimbabweans estimated to be based in South Africa. Annual they remit millions back home. Considering that, as of the moment, Golix does not support the Rand (ZAR), being part of the hub is likely to see the exchange introducing the currency.

Unlike the Zimbabwean government’s cautious stance towards cryptocurrencies, South Africa has adopted a more proactive approach. Early February 2018 it was reported that the Central Bank of South Africa had said that it would carry out its own research into the feasibility of blockchain technology in South Africa. Such a move can prove progressive to cryptocurrencies exchange and boost public confidence.

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